formula for long term success

5 Formula For Long Term Success

In this high competition life everyone wants to be on the top. But no every one can go on the top. Not everyone can have the fruit of success. It takes a lot to get success. Everyone have different parameters for success and so do I. So today I have listed 5 mantras for long term success. No matter what field your are working or your are doing job or as a student this will help you. Life is beautiful and with these mantras you have a chance to make it more beautiful. Check them an write your thoughts in the comment section. 5 formulas for long term success is ahead waiting for you.

1.Don’t lie to yourself.

Sometimes we do lie to our self for no reason. For an instance, If I know I am not able to do some particular work or task but I am still trying to convince my self that I can do it pretty easily, I am over confident about it and all those things make you not going to last a lot.

Instead have confidence in you and think that you can do it but on the same time consider the risks too and also the failure.

2.Take advantage of your time for new learning.

It is 21st century now and there is no need of your degrees anymore. Yeah they are considered but the main play of the game is your skills. Your skills are the most important wealth you have in your life. You need not any kind of degree to make some money. Just learn something and offer value to people for the same. If you are offering better to the people eventually people will pay for you.a

We have a lot of time all the day. We have 24 hours everyday. From those 24 hours how many hours do you spend for the most important thing or the most important skill? How many hours do you spend for non important things or gossip!

Make a book for your time usage. Make an entry for the time you have used from your day’s 24 hours. At the end of the day you will notice that about 1/3 of the time of your has been wasted.

Make use of your time. Choose one new skill you like the most. Try to learn it in the new ways and make it clear to your mind that you have to complete that task or learning in some near future and you will basically end up with learning a new skill. With this way you will be better able to use your time and invest it into the new emerging lifestyle.

3.Never be envious from anyone.

Being envious is the biggest drawback of mankind. People gets jealous because of the success of others. If you are having the same kind of mindset then please change it right now. In long term success, you will find a lot of people who are more successful than you and you have to learn from them not to be jealous.

4.Take brakes in between the work period.

If you work a lot harder then the such time comes at where you are totally exhausted. Once you are exhausted then you are going to get a lot of time to recover your self. So to overcome this situation you should take brakes in the work period.

This will make sure the best energy levels of yours and won’t let you down.

5.Put Your efforts in right direction.

Making efforts is good thing but are you sure you are making right efforts in right direction?

Now it is quite difficult to find out but there is no one who can do it for you. You have to find it out yourself and it is essential for your long term success. If you do not make right efforts in right direction then your energy is totally wasted.

If you make good efforts, its good but the direction is what makes them to be in light. If you have any questions then ask in the comment below.

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