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6 Time Management Tips for Everyone

Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.

Time is an essential resource that we have. And do you think you are using it wisely? We all are busy people with a load of tasks to do. In order to do the best work and complete all the given task in time, you need a skill called, Time Management

We are not going to deeply study time management today, some other day in the blog, but today we will talk about the tips to get the most out of your time. Time Management Tips are essential for anyone. If you are a student, teacher, manager, employee or may be a peon, it is going to help you in some way.

We all have 24 hours. You, me and the other( I mean animals, ants…Not the mars people or any other planet) too have the time limit of 24 hours OR 1440 minutes OR 86400 seconds.

Your success depends on how you have used your time in  past and today we are going to learn the simple tips to manage the time.

Now time management is all about planning your every minute of your 24 hours. If you take a little bit of time to plan, then the way you do it will be the most effective.


Now this may seem like some sort of old idea but believe me this works all the time like a charm. Some of you may want to use electronic diaries or organizers. What I personally do is, I keep a diary and note down my all important works in it.

Along with the diary I set important times on my cell phone as reminders. This helps a lot in time management and in doing task at the perfect time.

I have work of my college as well as freelance stuff. So for all the work I choose one time. I make a reminder for that moment and note down the work in diary.

Why do not I mark down it in the phone?  Why importance to the pen paper?

One of the main simple reason is mobile phone is a big distraction.

Another that is diary has the importance bullet points to quickly get the things done. So as the mobile has but you have to unlock it. Check for the app. Stick with it. And if any notification gets in, you must try hard to not get distracted.

Keeping a diary means you have a lot work to do before going to bed. Now let us talk how to use your diary.

Schedule Entries

Everyone understand this right. Whenever you have meeting, or a class, important task you just make an entry of the task into the diary. Do not forget to add the time limit. For an instance if you have a meeting then schedule it in the diary. Add some adequate time for reaching there and to be back. Do underestimate how long meetings can take. Better to overestimate the time and if the meeting takes less than enjoy the unexpected free time. Stay away from time wasters.

If you are a student then make your own time management strategies and add them in diary. Note all the time spend as well as used time by you. Create long-term goals in diary. Make a time limit to complete all the goals.



Your goals must should not let you sleep at night. I really like that quotation. You must should keep an eye on your goals. You should track down the progress you have done in your goal. Do it everyday. If you do not do so then the time flies like a plane and at the end there will be nothing else regret.

So buckle up today and do make a checklist of your goals and set a time limit to meet your goals.

Your goals are the fuel for your life. Use it wisely.

Inevitable Motivation



Make the list of your top most first priorities and last priorities. Note down the highest priorities on the top. Now you can focus on the important priorities. Curate them in the timely order to do. You should make a deal with yourself to complete each priority on time. That’s how you will be able to create trust bond with yourself.

Creating priority table before the night will make you clear about next day’s task. As the tasks will be clear to you so that you will have a perfect picture about what you have achieved in that particular day.

First priorities are the most important things to do in your day. You should first take care of your first priorities.

For and example if you are a student then first priority may have projects to do, some homework or some research on particular topics.

If you are a manager then you may some important meetings to handle, giving presentations about the products, taking care of your team and a lot task varying from person to person.

Make a list and take care of all that things. It will be a good idea to make a to do list and review your all the task. And who do not like satisfaction of completing the task? Everyone loves it right. Do your best to get your important priorities done faster.


You are the in charge of your self. If there is some task that you do not want to do or do not want to go for simply say a big NO.

There are some situations where you do not feel like saying no, may the you think that ” how the person will feel?”. It is a normal human behavior and do not feel any bad about it.

Say No directly.  Be ready to do productive tasks and bold moves. Avoid wasting times and learn from your past experiences.

5. No Distraction, No Time Waste

As per the recent study, there are almost millions of the distractions in the way of us and the concentration.

One of the biggest distraction is the mobile phone and the a volatile mind. No matter how hard you try to get your mind in the concentrated state but it will still be diverted.

Now to overcome this situation I did a lot research.

First of all I started to read a book. Scientists says that if you put your mind in a state where it has to work or concentrate at certain level then you can eventually involve it to the higher level of concentration.

If you do not like books then no problem at all. Find a new activity that you can concentrate on. There should be something that you like to do and have almost 90% of concentration on it.

6. Develop A Habit To Invest Time

That habit could be cooking, gardening, Programming, Sketching and may be something that you can relate to.

If you still can not find it then you better ask your parents or your loved once. Sometimes people around us knows better about us than us. So get them rescue you.

And invest your time in the best you like.

Just to tell, try to find out something which can add some skills in your resume. Something that could pay for your lifestyle.

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  1. Anthony Roberts

    Sometimes it is really getting not on to the track when it comes to tracking the time. Keeping a diary makes it pretty unmanageable for me so I use phone app for that. Creative thought on time management by the author and I loved the last one.

    • Sahil Patel

      Yeah Anthony you can use one digital diary but I like to use my pen paper as it does not let me be distracted. I appriciated taking time and make a comment here. Thank you so much. Cheers

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