what to do when your career stuck at once place

What to do when your career stuck at one place

– Many times,we are doing lots of hard work but what to do when our performance and career stuck at one place.
– Ron freedman who is famous psychologist and behavior change expert. He write in his best selling book ‘The best place to work’:
– He wrote that, We try hard but when our performance do not increase than what do we do?
– When you feel that your career stuck then use of success liver.

Success liver means energy, time and sleep.

– These three things have great impact on our performance. Therefore, we have to understand this three things briefly.

1. Energy

Firstly, If you want to be successful then you have to have full energy into your mind and body.

-The good news is that god has transplant natural power plants into each and every human beings.

– We just have to change our life-style then body will automatically release energy.

– Let ‘s me give you some energy tips.

In the morning, we have to consume more protein. If we take protein food into morning then you do not have feeling for hunger.

– In fact you do not have to take heavy lunch. Therefore, You do not feel laziness after lunch.

-Secondly, In the morning you do not have to take coffee or tea. BecauseĀ  when we wake up in the morning, cortisol which is a natural hormone in our body releases.

– Cortisol makes us more energetic and active. when you take coffee or tea in morning, your body starts to depend on this drinks rather than cortisol.

– Therefore, experts can give advice that in morning you have to stay far away from tea or coffee until two hours of wake up.

– when cortisol hormone finish its work then you can drink tea or coffee.

– Thirdly, when you feel lazy in the afternoon you should do relaxing exercise. You can do Yoga for relaxation. May you think that when you seat or sleep you save energy but it is not real fact.

– You should avoid taking life to go up and use stairs. Do push ups on regular basis.

2. Time

It is universally accepted that we all have 24 hours in our entire day whether we are celebrity person or middle class people.

– Some people have lots of responsibilities though they look very relaxed and fresh.
However, Others are always very stressed.

– The answer is smart people know very well how to manage the time. If you feel that you do not know how to manage it then considers this two things.

– First what you do is make a list of tasks and understand which are the urgent ones. All of them are not urgent. Give priorities to your work.

– Let me give you an example, If you are businessman ask yourself that if you do this task, does your income will affect? Nevertheless, you do this work because of hobby or something else.

– If you are an executive in the company than ask yourself that if you do this task, will your performance report and promotion will affect?

– However, your purpose of doing this task or work is increasing your knowledge or time pass.

– You can reduce your work stress by doing this work filtering.

– Second is everyone do not like the same time of day. Everyone can prefer different time of day for working.

– Some people can finish lots of work before lunch because of they feel very active and focus at that time. And Some people can start their work after 4:00 pm.

– Other some unusual people who are king of night. They can finish double work in the peace of night.

– Therefore, You have a clear answer of two question.

1. In which part of the day you are more productive ?
2. Which are your pick hours ?

– Whenever you can identify your productive time of the day then organized your work. Do hard work in which you have to use mental skills and do it in your pick hours.

– Do not waste this hours into useless work. After that do your non important and not urgent work. You can do all those work in your other time when your mind is not on the best efficiency.

3. Sleep

It is not important how much sleep we can take but important is the quality sleep.

– Sometime after 8 hours of sleeping you feel tired and lazy, where sometimes after 5 hours of sleep you feel fresh.

– If you notice that when we go for picnic we take good sleep because of at this moment you are more active at physical level compare to mental stress.

– On regular days we can not live like vacations but we can change some habits.

When you visit some open space area your body release Mennonite hormone.
– Mennonite can control our sleep cycle. On regular days, We should go to outside and for morning walk.
– In office try to take some natural light. In the summers, try 14 to 15 minute afternoon walk.

– If you are working on computer then after 2 hours stand up and do fast walking, take a deep breath and if you have personal cabin then do plank exercise.

– You can say this all activities as a ‘mini vacation’ on your working day.

– If you like tennis,badminton and swimming try to do this activity 4 to 5 hours before sleep. Because this activities increases your body temperature and thus you have good sleep.

– This small and simple things makes you more productive which increase your performance level.

– We all know ” health is wealth “. If we have good health we are able to be rich and have a successful life.
– Try to use this tips into your life and share your experience in the comment box below.

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